Transferring Credit for Philosophy Courses

Students wishing to transfer credit for courses from other institutions to fulfill the following requirements are asked to adhere to these procedures

  • CORE: Competencies: Logic
  • CORE: Philosophy: Not logic or ethics
  • CORE: Philosophy: Upper-division Ethics

How to Petition to Transfer Credit:

  1. Please fill out the Undergraduate Petition for Transfer of Credit. Courses will not be evaluated by email.
  2. Please make sure you have your advisor's signature on your Petition for Transfer of Credit form BEFORE you turn it in to the Philosophy Department.
  3. Please turn in your Petition for Transfer of Credit to the Philosophy Department in Founders 162. Please do not take your transfer petition directly to the department chair. If she is there, ask Ms. Cummings, the Executive Assistant, to look the form over to make sure it's complete.
  4. Please provide adequate documentation. A course description is minimal. A syllabus of the course is preferred. If you are requesting to transfer an Ethics course, please provide the numbering system at the other university (i.e., at USD, 100/200 level courses are lower division, 300/400 level courses are upper division) – either a print out of the appropriate webpage or an email from the department chair for the course you are requesting.
  5. If you are out of town, please download the Undergraduate Petition for Transfer of Credit form; fill it out; fax or scan and send it to your academic advisor (along with appropriate documentation, per 4 above), and ask your advisor to forward it to the Philosophy Department in Founders 162.
  6. Once the form is evaluated, the form is scanned and an email is sent to you with the scan attached. The form is then forwarded to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office.
  7. If there are any questions or additional material is needed, you will be contacted. Please make sure your phone number and email address are clearly legible.

Transfer Requirements

  • Courses taken as Pass/Fail are not accepted
  • Any transferred course must be passed with a grade of C- or higher
The following changes to the transfer of credit policy will be in effect during the Fall 2020 semester:
  • Online courses taken in Fall 2020 by students who are on an approved leave of absence from the university may be accepted for transfer of credit when they return to USD. 
  • Full-time, continuing students may transfer online courses from colleges and universities in San Diego County or their county of residence. In extenuating circumstances, courses from other schools may be approved by the Dean's Office.