Downloads and Online Resources


Wadsworth's Philosophy Web Site: It contains resources for Hurley's  Concise Introduction to Logic. In order to download LogicCoach you need to choose Course Materials, Logical and Critical Thinking, Introductory Logic, Hurley's Textbook, and Book Specific Resources for Students.

Unofficial LogicCoach

Nelson Pole's unofficial download site for Hurley's Concise Introduction to Logic: This Web site provides easy access to the latest versions of LogicCoach.

LPL Software

Barwise and Etchemendy's Language, Proof, and Logic  (The textbook identification number is required for the download.)

Logic On line

Website Description
Are You Logical? The classic Watson experiment from the Games section of The Philosophers' Magazine on the Internet
Fallacies Tutorial on fallacies by Dr. Michael C. Labossiere
Fallacy Files An up to date description of formal and informal fallacies compiled by Gary N. Curtis.
Gateway to Logic This Web site contains programs which run on line as well as hyperlinks to logic resources, logic textbooks and logic programs.
Intro to Logic Oxford introduction to elementary logic based upon W. Hodges Logic
Logic Cafe Coursework for elementary symbolic logic written and programmed by John F. Halpin
Logic Machine This is an interactive tutorial for the Logic Primer by Colin Allen and Michael Hand. Its components are the Logic Quizmaster tutorial and the Logic Daemon proof checker.
Logic Test Which conclusions follow from sets of premises?
Logic Tutor An interactive tutorial for The Art of Reasoning by David E. Kelley.
Logic Workbook The GRE LSAT Logic Workbook -- Internet Edition by Mark Alan Stewart.
Power of Logic An interactive tutorial for The Power of Logic by C. Stephen Layman.
Pretest Logic Pretest by Harry J. Gensler, S. J.
Silly Syllogisms Fergus Duniho's syllogism tutor.
Stephen's Guide Stephen Downes Guide to the Logical Fallacies
Student Resources for Hurley These tutorials are on the Wadsworth Web site for Patrick Hurley's Concise Introduction to Logic.
Symbolic Logic Ask Dr. Math: A Crash Course in Symboic Logic
Venn Diagram Tutor Venn diagram exercises