Department of Philosophy

The Philosophy Department at USD is pluralistic, which means it covers all significant historical periods and most major philosophical methods. It has a deep and special concern for the study of ethics, values and the moral life.

As a student of philosophy at USD, you'll learn about perennial epistemological, metaphysical, and theological issues and theories in philosophy.

We offer students the opportunity to learn about and reflect critically upon:

  1. The perennial and fundamental questions of human existence and the nature of the world around us
  2. The basic questions of ethics and human values
  3. The critical skills and cultural knowledge necessary for our students to make positive contributions to society.

The Philosophy Department offers a comprehensive program of study leading to a BA in Philosophy and to a minor in philosophy, while offering a broad range of courses as part of the University's Core Curriculum. The department also regularly offers courses for majors and minors in the central areas of philosophy and a range of special topics courses.

The full-time faculty represent diverse approaches and interests and are engaged in a wide range of teaching, research and service activities. Department faculty are also regularly involved in offering interdisciplinary special topic team-taught courses.

Why Choose Philosophy at USD?

Philosophy isn't just about finding answers. It is about teaching you how to think. In your philosophy classes, you will learn skills of critical thinking that will serve you well no matter what career path you take. Because the skills that philosophy teaches you are highly transferable, philosophy is an excellent preparation for any career.

Valuable Research Experience

You'll have the opportunity to take courses with faculty who are conducting new research in their fields, and get involved in the process. Learn how to read and analyze difficult texts. Learn to express your arguments in writing with clear and persuasive logic. And learn how to put your biases aside and rationally evaluate your own beliefs and the beliefs of those with who you might not always agree.

Earn a Versatile, High-Status Degree

Many of our philosophy alumni tell us that, like law or politics, philosophy is a well-respected major that can be applied to any field that requires critical thinking and assessment. This opens a wide-array of career paths that will provide sustainable employment and upper management positions.

Logic and Ethics Centers

Gain exposure to great speakers and thinkers who show prospective career paths.

Law School Cooperation

The Department of Philosophy co-sponsors events with the School of Law so that you can see how your philosophy education may benefit you in pursuing a law career.

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