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Dr. Michael Kelley to present on Bergson, Envy, and Emulation


USD Professor of Philosophy Michael Kelley will present several papers over the course of the Spring semester on topics ranging from God and Morality to Envy and Intentionality.

On February 27, Dr. Kelley will give a Keynote address for the American Maritain Association in Providence, Rhode Island. His topic is "Bergons Two Source of Morality and Religion: A Revitalization of the City of God?"

On April 16th, Dr. Kelley will talk on "Counter-Intentionality and Envy" at the Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association, right here in San Diego, CA.

And from April 22-25, he will present on "The Object and Affects of Envy and Emulation" at the Workshop on Phenomenological Philosophy at Rice University.

ContactMichelle Gilmore-Grier | | 619-260-4738
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