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Dr. Thomas Reifer Comments on Impact of Hunger Strikes


UT San Diego -- In a cell-like apartment room near the Gaslamp Quarter, Tom Falvey spent the past two months starving himself for a cause that few San Diegans understand, let alone care about.

The veteran environmental activist hoped his hunger strike would spark outrage about Japan’s whaling tactics in the Southern Ocean and ultimately prompt Japan to remove what he and others describe as an armed escort vessel from the waters near Antarctica.

Falvey, 62, said he stopped eating on Dec. 9. He sought medical care on Monday without any signs that his water-only diet would effect the change he wanted. To many, it was a quixotic quest. To some, Falvey exhibits the kind of ideals that too many lack. (Full Article)

Tom Reifer is associate professor in the Department of Sociology. His speciality is the study of large-scale, long-term social change and world systems analysis. 

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