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CAS Summer Headlines


Between research, writing and independent projects, here’s is a synopsis of news coverage about our faculty this summer. 

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology Rachel Blaser studies zebrafish to better understand human cognition. (Full Story)
  • Professor of Philosophy Lawrence Hinman joins editorial committee for the San Diego Union Tribune. (Full Story)
  • Assistant Professor of Sociology Adina Batnitzky discusses childhood obesity. (Full Story)
  • Professor of Anthropology Alana Cordy-Collins weighs in on how the study of mummies can illuminate solutions to current health challenges. (Full Story)
  • Adjunct Professor of Political Science Gary Gray tells Time Magazine why people wouldn't want to be the governor of California. (Full Story)
  • Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Aaron Gross talks comments on animal rights and religion. (Full Story)
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