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Are Advergames Fair Game for Kids?


BrandChannel -- Chex Quest, from General Mills, was the first video game to ever be included in cereal boxes as a prize back in 1996. Fast forward 15 years to Create a Comic, General Mills' latest digital advergame designed to engage kids with the Honey Nut Cheerios cereal brand. 

In that brief span of 15 years, the playbook on marketing to children has been rewritten by all things digital, and marketers are increasingly using games, quizzes and mobile apps to woo kids into a social web where they essentially act as marketers themselves.

Susannah Stern, associate professor at the University of San Diego, recently co-authored a study. Its conclusion: slim banners in online games “do not raise awareness of who put the game up or why they put the game up.” (Full Story)

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