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Join Us in South Africa


Experience South Africa like never before by studying and interacting with what the country has to offer.

Deadline to sign up for this amazing opportunity is November 15, 2010. Join USD for this study abroad opportunity that offers students a unique opportunity to visit South Africa and to learn more about its history, politics, and culture. As a country that is ten years removed from apartheid rule, the study of South African politics and history will enable students to think critically about the legacy of authoritarian rule, democratization, and race and ethnic reconciliation. The academic component will be supplemented with opportunities to engage with South African communities, such as black townships and rural villages. These experiences will introduce students to different cultural traditions and practices that they can share with friends and family.

South Africa is an incredible destination in many ways - it is the kind of destination that will touch all of your senses in a myriad of ways, and once all is said and done you probably won't be the same again. Our incredible diversity is a key attraction - it's never just one thing at any one time. From its people, to its landscapes, to its abundant wildlife it has much to inspire and enthrall.  In true African spirit, the people understand the value of a warm South African welcome, and can't wait to welcome you to their Rainbow Nation - in 11 official languages.

Check out some great shots from previous trips to South Africa here.

Last Day to Register is November 15th, 2010

Click Here for Information on how to register.

ContactCollege Of Arts And Sciences | | (619) 260-4545
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