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Professors Devoted to Fashion at Finale Viewing Party


It was an evening of “making it work” last Thursday in Frank’s Lounge, where students, faculty and enthusiastic fans - including Dean Mary Boyd of the College of Arts and Sciences - gathered to watch and discuss the finale of “Project Runway.”

The food ran out by 6:05, but the anticipatory fervor most certainly did not. Students mingled, tweeted and voted for their favorite contestant while four of Frank’s televisions played the “Project Runway Pre-Show.”

Everything but the Twitter feed settled down when MC Jonathan Bowman of the communication studies department introduced the panel of five academics and artists that would lead the discussion of “Project Runway.”

Esteban del Rio of the communication studies department began the discussion by looking at the show from a media critic’s perspective. Looking very sartorial himself, del Rio argued that because of the show’s focus on fashion - which is indicative of wealth and elite enculturation - “‘Project Runway’ is the high-brow of low-brow T.V.” (Full Story on The Vista)

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