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Optometry Club Hosts Glasses Drive for "The Flying Doctors"


The USD Optometry Club hosted a  glasses drive last fall. The project,  in association with Health Careers Club, the American Medical Student Association and Chemistry Club, began in mid-November and continued through part of February. Though the drive is officially over, donations will still be accepted.

The purpose of the drive is to collect both glasses and accessories. All collections will be donated to Dr. Patrick Utnehmer’s organization “The Flying Doctors.”

Utnehmer works in Temecula and is an alumnus of the Southern California School of Optometry. His organization travels three times a year to remote villages in Mexico to provide eye, medical and dental care to those who lack such services.

The Optometry Club, led by Jessica Cryder and Jen Fleischmann, was eager to lend a helping hand after the girls were inspired by a presentation. In order to assist Utnehmer the club decided to hold a drive on campus.
“We saw him give a really inspiring presentation about the group of doctors he personally flies down to Mexico to treat the underprivileged villagers,” Cryder said. (Full Story on The Vista)

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