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Undergraduate Theatre Arts Program’s “Anon(ymous)” Debuts


Opening night for the final play of the undergraduate Theatre Arts Program's 2008-09 season, Anon(ymous), a modernized version of Homer's Odyssey, has arrived. For Monica Stufft, the play's director and first-year professor at the University of San Diego, it's the culmination of months of uniquely creative inspiration, education and preparation for the cast and crew.

"It's been a very exciting process," Stufft said. "For everyone involved, we decided early on that this would be a truly collaborative process. I didn't cast the students as characters. They came to the first rehearsal only knowing they were part of the ensemble. It was also how we worked with set designs, costume designs and lighting designs. We didn't stay in roles. We allowed for more participation to really tell this story ourselves." (Full Story on Inside USD)


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