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Cool, Calm and Connected


Cool, Calm and Connected
When film producer Tim Lynch is in charge, serenity rules

[LOS ANGELES] The temperature hovers just below 90 degrees in the sullen shade. Under a congested freeway overpass, a chunk of exhaust-choked asphalt is cordoned off by yellow caution tape. Beyond that barrier, a football-field sized zone is sprinkled with parked cars; two trailers sit side-by-side, perpendicular to a luxury motor home and a catering wagon. An incongruous smell of bacon wafts by, mingling — not altogether unpleasantly — with the smog. It turns out that home base for a big-budget music video isn’t necessarily dripping with champagne dreams and caviar wishes.

Truth is, the glamour factor is just about nil. Inside the trailer on the right, the energy level is permanently set to “amped.” Walkie-talkies crackle and the entire floor sways whenever someone moves, which is all the time. Laptops, fax machines, phones and printers buzz constantly, as a steady stream of problems flow in and solutions filter out. This is the place where dreams are made real. Not by magic, but by a smoothly functioning machine headed by producer Tim Lynch ’95. His right-hand, production manager Becky Brown, describes the tanned 33-year-old as “CEO of the set.” Lynch is unassuming in the extreme: He wears sneakers, khaki pants and a T-shirt covered by an unbuttoned long-sleeved olive green shirt with a frayed collar. “He doesn’t always wear sunglasses indoors,” Brown remarks. (Full Story on USD Magazine, Spring 2006)

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