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Transforming Students' Lives Through Science


Just Like Paradise: Marine Science program in Mexico connects with teens

A boat drops anchor near a patch of sandy shoreline. It’s a little windy, but there’s not a cloud in the sky.

Visitors to this mangrove wetland on the island of Coronado, in Mexico’s desert oasis of Bahia de Los Angeles, are sporting appropriate gear: floppy hats and sunglasses. A group gathers around Dylan Edwards, a director of research for the Ocean Discovery Institute’s Bahia program, eager to learn what participants have been up to for the last several weeks.

“We’re here to better understand the ecosystem,” Edwards explains. “It’s very important for us to do our research because Bahia de Los Angeles is not yet damaged.”

Edwards hands the reins of the discussion over to six Hoover High School students. They discuss the effects of biodiversity in the wetlands area; their short presentations display infectious enthusiasm for what they still hope to find in their research efforts. Two other student groups, dubbed “Pesca” and “Islands,” echo that attitude. (full story in USD Magazine)

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