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Advising for Current Students


Once students declare a major they will be assigned to a faculty advisor by the department chair/program or area director.  To declare a major, students must submit a declaration of major form. After submitting this form students will meet with their faculty advisor to discuss the major and to outline a plan of completion.  The advisor in the student’s major will continue to be a resource as the student works towards a degree in the major. 

As students near graduation they will file a graduation petition with their advisor’s approval.  All students who have reached second semester junior status are sent an electronic communication urging them to file a graduation petition and outlining the steps for doing so.  Once a student has completed 90 or more units and has not yet filed a graduation petition, an advisor hold will be placed on that student’s registration. Hence, these students will not be permitted to enroll in classes until the petition has been processed.

The Declaration of Major form can be found at

For a list of college majors go to

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