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On Top of the World


On Top of the World
Hanging out with celebrities is just part of the job for MTV event planner Matthew Van Houten

With the ink barely dry on his 2004 diploma, Matthew Van Houten was ready to take on the Big Apple. Since his political science degree from USD had helped him land a job at the United Nations working with the Italian consulate, the decision to swap coasts was a no-brainer. Clearly, great things were on his horizon.

Once he’d found an apartment through the online network Craigslist — one that came with a modicum of glitz at that; a roommate who was tour manager for the indie rock band My Chemical Romance — the pieces for a fabulous new life seemed poised to fall into place. Except that things started to fall apart almost immediately. It turned out that the new apartment was in a bad neighborhood (“dangerous, dangerous, dangerous”). And that funding for the U.N. job had fallen through. And that Van Houten would likely have to give up his dream of making it in New York after all. (Full Story in USD Magazine, Summer 2008)

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