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The Department of Music is located in Camino Hall, and uses concert facilities in the adjacent Founders Hall. Our concert facilities include the 600-seat Shiley Theatre featuring a 9’ Baldwin concert grand piano, the 50-seat French Parlor featuring a Steinway model B concert grand piano and for the performance of sacred music, the magnificent Founders Chapel. Our classroom facilities include a digital audio and electronic music studio equipped with brand new Apple iMacs running Digital Performer, MAX/MSP and Finale software, and a keyboard practice room featuring a Mason & Hamlin grand piano and reproduction Flemish single-manual harpsichord in Baroque pitch. Additionally, the music department has two new Wenger sound proof isolation rooms; one for percussion/gamelan ensembles and the other with virtual acoustic environment technology as shown in photos below.

Shiley Theatre
Shiley Theatre

The French Parlor with Steinway B Concert Grand Piano
The keyboard rehearsal room with Flemish harpsichord
The keyboard rehearsal room with Flemish harpsichord

The Digital Audio Composition Studio
The Music Department Office The USD Percussion Sound Room with Gamelan Instruments
The Music Department Office in Camino Hall, Room C161 The USD Percussion & Gamelan Sound Isolation Room
Sound Room - Virtual Acoustic Environment Wenger Sound Lock Room
Virtual Acoustic Environment - Sound Isolation Room Both Wenger Sound Isolation Rooms are located in Camino Hall, Room C161