Department of Music

The Music Department is a talented, energetic, committed group of faculty and students who enjoy making music of all kinds together.

The Department of Music at USD offers an integrated study of music history, theory, composition and performance in a liberal arts environment. Our professionally active faculty, student ensembles and guest artists contribute to a lively culture of performance and scholarly inquiry.

Music graduates are proven leaders and experts at making interdisciplinary connections across their multifaceted music curriculum. Your classes will explore music in relation to politics, art, literature, religion and cultural studies.

Scholarship Information

Learn from Career Musicians

Benefit from experts in the music industry. Our faculty are talented musicians who are in-demand performers and are invested in bringing their music to the community. Their experience will help you enhance your performance portfolio and status within the music community.

Participate in the Concert Series

Perform on campus in recital settings to advance your performance and communication skills. Each semester the department hosts 12-20 concerts that range from student ensembles to guest opera singers and ensembles featuring our faculty.

Gain Multiple Ensemble Experience

Be involved in any number of ensembles to broaden your musical aptitude and expand your knowledge of cultures and genres.

Become More Globally Aware

Music students are able to make connections beyond one discipline, genre or region. This is a highly transferable, employable skill.

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