Student Publications

Environmental and Ocean Sciences Graduate Students and Alumni have been authors and co-authors of a number of scientific publications. Below are links to some of these publications.

Table of marine science thesis by year from Environmental and Ocean Sciences graduate students and alumni.
Author Publication
Farchadi et al. Modeling the dynamic habitats of mobile pelagic predators (Makaira nigricans and Istiompax indica) in the eastern Pacific Ocean
Hagerty et al. Diversity and distribution of nearshore barnacle cyprids in southern California through the 2015-16 El Niño
Schwebel et al. Swim bladder inflation failure affects energy allocation, growth, and feed conversion of California Yellowtail in aquaculture
Hagerty et al. Constrained nearshore larval distributions and thermal stratification
Hetherington et al.

Spatial food-web structure in the ETP

Basilio et al. Effects of the Blob on settlement of spotted sand bass to Mission Bay
Van Noord et al. Oceanographic influences on the diet of 3 surface-migrating myctophids in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean
Thompson et al. Rockfish assemblage structure and spawning locations in southern California identified through larval sampling
Novoa et al. Spatial and temporal examination of bivalve communities in several estuaries of southern California and northern Baja California
Bowles et al. Perspectives on the fuction of behaviors synchronized with calling in female killer whales
Bowles et al. Disproportionate emission of bubble streams with killer whale biphonic calls
Musser et al. Differences in acoustic features of vocalizations produced by killer whales cross-socialized with bottlenose dolphins
Gruenthal et al. Maternal reproductive exhaustion in a broadcast spawning marine finfish cultured for conservation
Crance et al. Evidence for vocal learning in juvenile male killer whales
Bosse et al. Copperbioavailability and toxicity to Mytilus galloprovincialis in Shelter Island Yacht Basin
Van Noord et al. Diet and prey selectivity in three surface-migrating myctophids in the eastern tropical Pacific
Smiley et al. Pathology of ocular lesions associated with GSS in WSB
Hitchman et al. Larvae define spawning habitat of bocaccio rockfish within and around a large southern California marine reserve
Bowles and Anderson Behavioral responses and habituation of pinnipeds and small cetaceans to novel objects
Smiley et al. Acute effects of gas supersaturation on juvenile white seabass
Roden et al. Characterization of SNP markers for the green sea turtle
Roden et al. AFLP fragment isolation technique as a method to produce random sequences for SNP discovery in the green turtle
Elliott and Kaufmann Spatial and temporal variability of mesozooplankton and tintinnid ciliates in a seasonally hypesaline estuary
Narum et al. Genetic divergence between gopher rockfish and black and yellow rockfish
Wolski et al. Measuring hearing in the harbor seal
Sturz et al. Seasonal changes of dissolved nutrients within and around Port Foster
Cullen et al. Seasonal variation in biochemical indicators of physiological status in Euphausia superba
Cranmer et al. Spatial and temporal variation in the abundance, distribution and population structure of epibenthic megafauna
Wisdom et al. Development of sound repertoire and behavior of a rehabilitating gray whale calf