Putnam Competition

The William Lowell Putnam Examination, offered the first Saturday of December of each year, is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and is free and open to all undergraduates in the United States and Canada, regardless of major. This famous and well known competition began in 1938, and is designed to stimulate a healthy rivalry in mathematical studies among the colleges and universities. In the recent years, a number of students have successfully represented USD in this prestigious competition.

In order to help our students develop skills and strategies for solving Putnam problems, we offer every fall semester the Mathematical Problem Solving Seminar (Math 395).

Why Take Putnam?

  • Represent USD in one of the most prestigious math competitions for college students in US and Canada.
  • Get to work with other students and faculty members.
  • Improve your performance on Putnam. You may take the exam every year of your undergraduate school.
  • Looks great on your resume.
  • Get better prepared for graduate school and sharpen your mathematical skills/thinking.