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USD Math Requirements

USD's requirement that all graduating students demonstrate basic mathematical competence may be fulfilled by passing Investigations in Mathematics (Math 110), College Algebra (Math 115), or a more advanced course such as Calculus (Math 130 or 150). A student may also fulfill the requirement by passing a competency exam (not to be confused with the placement exams). Furthermore, a student may also fulfill the new math core requirement by passing Logic (Phil 102), without taking the Math Placement exam. The vast majority of our students satisfy the requirement by taking one of the above courses. Get information about the math classes required for the major.

Do I need to take the Placement Exam to place into Math 115, Math 130, Math 150 or Math 151?

Not necessarily. Your math score on your SAT or ACT exam, or your score on an AP Calculus Exam (if any), may allow you to enroll into a class without taking the placement exam. Review the 2 grids below to see how we will determine which SAT or ACT exam scores to use for placement.

For students who enroll or transfer to USD starting Fall 2018 or later:

Scores: Level of Math Qualified for (Lower levels may be taken):
3, 4, or 5 on AP Calculus BC Exam

Calculus III (Math 250) (Course credit will be given for Math 150 & Math 151)

3, 4, or 5 on AP Calculus AB Exam

Calculus II (Math 151) (Course credit will be given for Math 150) 

Math SAT score ≥ 630 or Math ACT score ≥ 27

Calculus I (Math 150)

Math SAT score ≥ 590 or Math ACT score ≥ 25

Survey of Calculus (Math 130)

Math SAT score ≥ 560 or Math ACT score ≥ 23

College Algebra (Math 115) or Investigations in Modern Mathematics (Math 110/112)

Math SAT score < 560 and Math ACT score < 23

Intermediate Algebra (Math 90)

If you wish to take a class and your SAT/ACT scores does not qualify, then you can take the ALEKS placement exam.  

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