Alumni Information

Alumni in the Mathematics Department have done some amazing things, and we here at the Math Department want you to know about them and develop connections with them.

Alumni Information

student smiling in a suit Alumni Highlight: Neal Sharma

Neal was a research fellow at a medical center in Dallas during two summers as an undergraduate. Also, Neal was a data analyst at an oncology clinic. Currently, Neal is interviewing for MD/PhD programs whose field of study that will be closely intertwined with math.


Student smiling and posing Alumni Highlight: Katie Fotion Katie is currently in graduate school getting her Master's degree in Computer Science, but she has had summer internships at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, NASA Langley Research Center, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and Texas Instruments. Katie has made notice that most of these opportunities have required a combination of mathematics and computer science knowledge. For students interested in Mathematics, Katie highly recommends applying for as many summer opportunities as possible to help get a feel for the type of career that interests you most by the time graduation approaches.
Student smiling and posing in lab coat Alumni Highlight: Brent Allman

Brent did a year long post-baccalaureate program at the University of Georgia in Bioinformatics and Infectious Disease, which required mathematics and computing. Brent has noted that one of his favorite things about the Math Department at USD was the supportive and cohesive environment among the students. More academically speaking, Brent recommends applying for Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) or internships. He explains his belief in expanded your horizons, explaining that "gaining experience outside of USD will help widen your network and immersing yourself in a new topic over summer is a great way to learn a lot, and get paid do to it! Apply broadly as many of these programs are competitive, but getting one is worth the effort to apply."

Student Smiling Alumni Highlight: Samantha Armstrong

Before becoming an associate Cloud ERP Consultant at Oracle, Samantha was an analyst at MedImpact Healthcare Systems.



Student smiling and posing Alumni Highlight: Morgan Smith
Kevin Pelaez smiling and posing Alumni Congratulation: Professor Kevin Pelaez Professor Kevin Pelaez was accepted into the Mathematicas and Science Education PhD between UCSD and SDSU it is one of the top ten programs in the nation which offers a nice living stipend Kevin will get to stay in San Diego!