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Alumni from the Mathematics Department have done some amazing things, and we want you to know about them and develop connections with them.

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Calling All Math Alumni!

Share with us your life after college:

What is your current profession?
When did you graduate from USD?
What was your previous math-related profession?
Did you get your masters or PhD?
What advice do you have for current students?
What are your current hobbies?
What is your favorite book or movie?
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 Students walking on USD's campus
Neal Sharma smiling Neal Sharma
  • Current profession – Computational Biologist
  • Graduated from USD – 2016
  • Previous math-related professions – research fellow at medical center in Dallas and a data analyst at an oncology clinic
  • Advice – "I saw get a good dose of everything if you have time! Take pure mathematics class of course – there are so many good ones. Then maybe give some more applied courses a shot."
Katherine Fotion smiling and posing Katherine Fotion
  • Current profession – Software Engineer in Prediction Team at Cruise Automation (an urban autonomous vehicle company based in San Francisco)
  • Graduate school – Master’s degree in Computer Science at San Francisco State
  • Advice – "Take as many classes as possible. There are few times in life when all your time can be devoted to learning."
  • Hobbies – Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), camping and exercising
Brent Allman smiling and posing in lab coat Brent Allman
  • Pursuing a graduate study in Population Biology, Ecology and Evolution at Emory University
  • Graduated from USD – 2015
  • Previous math-related professions – year-long post-baccalaureate program at the University of Georgia Bioinformatics and Infectious Disease
  • Advice – "Apply for Research Experiences for Undergraduates for internships, gaining experience outside of USD will widen your network. Apply broadly as many of these programs are competitive.”
Kevin Pelaez Smiling Kevin Pelaez
  • Current profession – High school math teacher; USD and Southwestern professor
  • Graduated from USD – 2018
  • Graduate school – Mathematics and Science Education PhD between UCSD and SDSU
  • Previous math-related professions – adjunct in Math Department at USD, data scientist at SDSU, math professor at Southwestern Community College District
  • Advice – "Stay in touch with your professors! Also, try to take as many classes as you can."


Monica Ramakrishnan smiling and posing Monica Ramakrishnan
  • Current profession – Product analyst at Adobe Systems
  • Previous math-related professions – intern at BeyondCore (web development), MobileIron (QE engineer), and Actian (Business analytics)
  • Graduated from USD – 2015
  • Graduate school – Master’s degree in Applied Math with a focus on Data Science from Santa Clara University
  • Hobbies – skiing, hiking and traveling
Ashley Mendes smiling and posing Ashley Mendes
  • Current profession – full-time middle school mathematics teacher at Saint Francis of Assisi in Los Angeles
  • Graduate school – Master's in Secondary Education while also getting her CA teaching credentials from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles
  • Favorite movie – Safe Haven
  • Hobbies – volleyball, long-distance running and hanging out on the beach
Michael Carter Smiling Michael Carter
  • Current profession – Dean of students at High Tech High in Chula Vista
  • Graduated from USD – 2013
  • Advice – “Work harder than the person next to you, and you’re a math major so that’s already happening.”
  • Favorite movie – Godfather I and II, The Imitation Game, The Usual Suspects and Rudy
  • Favorite book – Count of Monte Cristo
Michelle Wilkerson posing and smiling Michelle Wilkerson
  • Current profession – Assistant professor at UC Berkeley in the Graduate School of Education
  • Graduated from USD – 2015
  • Advice – "Don’t be shy to reach out and contact professors or graduate students about graduate programs. Be sure to connect at a specific level of interest/topic with the people whose program you’re interested in."
Ashley Dunn smiling Ashley Dunn
  • Current profession – Financial analyst for Kashi Co. in Solana Beach, CA
  • Graduated from USD ­– 2018
  • Advice – "Don’t give up! It may get hard but it's so worth it in the end. Also make friends and talk to people within the major, or even in Linux. My best friends have come out of the Math and CS departments and I wouldn't be graduating without all their help!"
Austin Schiff smiling Austin Schiff
  • Current profession – Naval Aviator for US Navy Flight school
  • Graduated from USD ­­– 2018
  • Favorite math class – Calculus III or PDE's (both classes with Dr. Lukasz Pruski)
  • Favorite movie – Miracle
  • Advice – “Teamwork makes the dream work.” 
Chaise Brown smiling and posing Chaise Brown
  • Current profession – Software engineer for Arrowhead General Insurance Agency
  • Graduated from USD – 2017
  • Advice – "Find ways to link academic interests and personal interests either through research, paid internships, or personal projects. Getting hands-on experience in your specific field makes a huge difference when going from academics to the business world!"
Ryan DeMuse smiling and posing Ryan DeMuse
  • Currently working towards finishing a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Denver
  • Graduated from USD ­­– 2015
  • Graduate school – Master’s of Science in Mathematics from University of Denver
  • Advice – "Take as many upper division classes as possible! It is also important to take applied math classes, such as Computer Science, Engineering, and Statistics courses, because they will help immensely in the job market."
Tim Berend Smiling Tim Berend
  • Current profession – Investment analyst for Intact Investment Management US
  • Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Financial Mathematics at the University of Minnesota; expecting to graduate SP 2019
  • Advice – "Get internship experience, if you want to work in a professional setting. Two internships post sophomore and junior year summers go a long wat when interviewing for a post-grad position."
Michael Rowell smiling Michael Rowell
  • Current profession – Data scientist manager at Microsoft (since 2013)
  • Previous math-related professions – Assistant professor, Pacific University; data scientist, Amazon
  • Graduate school – Mathematics, Number Theory and Combinatorics, Pennsylvania State University
  • Graduated from USD – 2003
  • Advice – "The faculty are amazing! Take the time to listen to their advice, both math-related and otherwise."
Kelly Woldseth smiling Kelly (Fromm) Woldseth
  • Current profession – High school math teacher of Integrated Math 3 at Poway High School (alma mater)
  • Graduate school – Master's of Education at USD; Master’s Credential Cohort (MCC) in SOLES; earned teaching credential and MEd in one year
  • Graduated from USD – 2013
  • Advice – "My advice would be for students to stay in touch with professors and classmates from USD and to meet as many people as they can at their first job."
Bryce Lyon Smiling and posing Bryce Lyon
  • Current profession – High school math teacher of Integrated Math 3 at Poway High School (alma mater)
  • Graduate school – Master's of Education at USD; Master’s Credential Cohort (MCC) in SOLES; earned teaching credential and MEd in one year
  • Graduated from USD – 2013
  • Advice – "My advice would be for students to stay in touch with professors and classmates from USD and to meet as many people as they can at their first job."
Erin (Lopez) Williams Smiling Erin (Lopez) Williams
  • Current profession – Medical science liaison
  • Graduate school – PhD in Biomedical Sciences
  • Graduated from USD – 2013
  • Advice – "Go to office hours of your professors and keep a good relationship with all your math professors, they are great mentors and will help you succeed. Try at least one class you wouldn’t plan to try during your four years, and try getting a summer job at USD."
  • Favorite book – Freakonomics
Generic Silhouette Profile Photo Samantha Armstrong
  • Current profession – Senior cloud analyst at Oracle
  • Graduated from USD – 2015
  • Previous math-related professions – analyst at MedImpact Healthcare Systems
  • Advice – "Don’t feel pressured to land your dream job right after you graduate; never stop being thirsty for knowledge; and always remember there is always more to learn and more to be discovered."
Generic Silhouette Profile Photo Morgan Smith
  • Current profession – Senior energy analyst for Itron’s Consulting and Analysis Group
  • Graduated from USD – 2015
  • Advice – "The one piece of graduation advice I have is to not stress about finding jobs so much! I stressed myself out for no reason. A math major really does give you the skills employers are looking for, so find something you enjoy doing."
Generic Silhouette Profile Photo Christopher Quam
  • Current profession – SQL reporting engineer at ServiceTitan
  • Previous math–related profession – Marketing data analyst; media buyer/account analyst; youth math tutor/mentor
  • Graduated from USD – 2013
  • Advice – "Don't stress too hard. You'll realize how easy you had it when you look back. Go to the beach!"
JuliAnn Machschefes Smiling JuliAnn Machschefes
  • Current Profession – Working at Antigua Green School in Guatemala
  • Graduate from USD – 2014
  • Advice – “Don’t wait to start your research projects! Try and take classes with professors you enjoy! It is also okay if you don't know what you want to do when you graduate. And try to study abroad!"
  • Current Hobbies – Traveling, Reading, Netflix, and Trying new restaurants
Cheyenne Kametani-Rider
  • Current Profession – Data analyst at DNV GL, an engineering/renewable energy consulting firm.
  • Graduated from USD – 2017
  • Advice – If you’re not interested in Grad school, get internships over the summers. With any kind of experience, you have leverage to negotiate your starting salary.
  • Current Hobbies – Hiking, CrossFit, Yoga, and “Kinda Skiing.”
  • Favorite Movie – The Shawshank Redemption
Gregory Dreyfus Smiling Gregory Dreyfus
  • Current Profession – Actuarial Analyst at Preferred Employers Insurance in San Diego.
  • Previous Math Related Profession – A Chief Data Officer at BodyComp in San Diego.
  • Graduated from USD – 2017
Kristin Desplinter Smiling Kristin Desplinter
  • Current Profession – Teaching Assistant for the Mathematics Department at the University
  • Graduate School – Working towards a Master’s of Science in Applied Math at the University of Utah.
  • Graduated from USD – 2018
  • Advice – “Network and make connections everywhere you go! It’s all about the people you know.”
  • Favorite Book – Tuesdays with Morrie
Oliver Flores Balanzar smiling Oliver Flores Balanzar
  • Graduate School – Working towards a Master’s Degree in Education in the MCC Dual Credential Program at USD
  • Previous Math Related Profession – Engineering Instructor for a non-profit organization whose purpose is to expose students to STEM-related projects.
  • Graduated from USD – 2018
  • Advice – “Networking is key! Stay in contact with your professors!”
John Berray Smiling John Berray
  • Current Profession – High school Math Teacher & Math Curriculum Specialist at Grossmont Union High School District, East San Diego County.
  • Graduate School – National University M.A. in Teaching and Learning
  • Graduate from USD – 1994
  • Advice – “Take advantage of higher learning opportunities! Even though the road may feel exhausting you can do it! Also take care of yourself both physically and mentally!
John Dawdy Smiling John Dawdy
  • Current Profession – Actuary for Esurance in San Francisco
  • Graduated from USD – 2014
  • Advice – Never lose sight of who you are and who you want to be! Set goals, plan ahead, and work hard, but don’t forget to make time for the people and things that make you happy.
  • Current Hobbies – Strolling through farmers’ markets, Slow pitch softball, and Attending sporting events.
Raymond Greenwell Smiling Raymond Greenwell
  • Current Profession - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Hofstra University & Mathematics textbook author
  • Graduate School - M.S. in Math, M.S. in Statistics, and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Michigan State University
  • Graduated from USD - 1974
  • Current Hobbies - Rock Climbing & Hiking 
Gracyn Otten Smiling Gracyn Otten
  • Current Profession - Investment Research Analyst at TorreyCove Captial Partners 
  • Previous Math Related Professions - Tutor, Grader, and Office Assistant at USD's Math Department
  • Graduated from USD - 2019
  • Current Hobbies - Traveling, Going to the beach, Hiking 
Justin Webster Smiling Justin Webster
  • Current Profession - Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland
  • Graduate School - Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2012 from the University of Virignia & A Variety of Post-Docs around the country
  • Graduated from USD - 2008
  • Advice - "Take a broad set of courses while at USD & don't pressure yourself too much about what you're going to do after graduating."
Taylor Ledang Smiling Taylor LeDang
  • Current Profession - Data Analyst for Itron, Inc. in San Diego
  • Previous Math Related Professions - Math Tutor at University of San Diego
  • Graduated from USD - 2019
  • Advice - "Don’t worry if you don’t ace every test/assignment - just try your best and your efforts will be rewarded."
  • Hobbies - Hiking and Yoga/Stretching 
George Gardner Smiling George Gardner
  • Current Profession - Business Analyst in the Operations Department at NBC Universal in Denver, Colorado
  • Previous Math Related Professions - Math Tutor for the USD Athletics Department
  • Graduated from USD - 2019
  • Advice - "Make sure you supplement your mathematics studies with additional technical skills, such as learning different coding language, especially python."
Christian Davidson Smiling Christian Davidson
  • Current Profession - Professional Services Development Supervisor at Verist Systems, Inc.
  • Previous Math Related Professions - Software Engineer
  • Graduated from USD - 2013
  • Hobbies - Skiing and Traveling
  • Advice - “Always listen, learn, work hard, be passionate, and make connections"