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Mathematics and Computer Science

Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics

If you are interested in the challenging and rewarding career of teaching mathematics in secondary school, you can obtain a preliminary single-subject credential from the University of San Diego at the same time that you get your B.A. by completing a mathematics major with the secondary teaching emphasis and completing the professional preparation coursework and requirements of USD’s School of Leadership and Education Sciences.

Please get in touch with the Mathematics Single-Subject Coordinator in order to discuss your interest and plan your long-term schedule.  The Math Single-Subject Coordinator is Dr. Jane Friedman, Serra 159A, x 4015,

You need to take the usual General Education/Core Curriculum courses and satisfy the standard USD graduation requirements.   In addition, the mathematics major with the secondary teaching emphasis requires the following courses:

Preparation for the Major

Math 115 College Algebra or Level 2 Math Placement Exam 0 - 3 units
Math 120 Introduction to Statistics 3 units
Math 150 Calculus I 4 units
Math 151 Calculus II 4 units
Math 160 Logic for Mathematics and Computer Science 3 units
Math 250 Calculus III 4 units
COMP 150 Computer Programming I 4 units
PHYS 270 Introduction to Mechanics and Wave Motion 4 units
Total 26 - 29 units

Upper-division courses for the mathematics major

Math 320 Linear Algebra 3 units
Math 325W History of Mathematics 3 units
Math 350 Probability 3 units
Math 360 Advanced Calculus I 3 units
Math 375 Algebraic Systems 3 units
Math 380 Geometry 3 units
Two upper-division Math electives 6 units
Total 24 units

Special requirements for the single-subject emphasis

Math 305 Seminar in Teaching Mathematics 2 units
Math 405 Advanced Perspective on Secondary School Mathematics 3 units
Total 5 units

For detailed information on the professional preparation program at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences, contact Kathy Estey at

SOLES Single Subject Coursework* and Field Experience Requirements


Multicultural and Philosophical Foundations in a Global Society

Field requirement: 5 hours service learning, 5 hours of classroom observation

3 units

EDUC 382

Psychological Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society

Field requirement: 8 hours of classroom observation

3 units


Methods of Teaching English Language and Academic Development in Crosscultural Contexts

Field requirement: 20 hours of service learning

3 units


Curriculum and Methods of Teaching in Today's Global Secondary Classrooms

Field requirement: 50-hour practicum

3 units


Methods of Teaching Literacy in Secondary Schools in a Global Society

Field requirement: 50-hour practicum

3 units

EDSP 389

Healthy Environments and Inclusive Education in a Global Society

Field requirement: 10 hours of observation

3 units

EDUC 491P, 491S

Student Teaching for the Single Subject Credential

Field requirement: 20 weeks, full-time

12 units

*A four-hour technology workshop (offered every semester) is also required.


State Requirements for Preliminary California Teaching Credentials

  • Fingerprint clearance
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Professional education program to include Teaching of Reading course and Student Teaching
  • CSET Exams and/or approved subject matter program depending on program (satisfied by the mathematics major with the secondary education emphasis)
  • U.S. Constitution college course or exam  (History 117 or Political Science 125)
  • Current infant, child and adult CPR certification