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Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics Major with an Applied Emphasis

The Mathematics department also offers a major in Mathematics with an applied emphasis having somewhat different requirements. For the applied option, the student must satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements and complete the following courses:

COMP 150 Computer Programming I 3 units
COMP 151 Computer Programming II 3 units
MATH 150 Calculus I 4 units
MATH 151 Calculus II 4 units
MATH 160 Logic for Mathematics and Computer Science 3 units
MATH 250 Calculus III 4 units
MATH 320 Linear Algebra 3 units
MATH 330 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 units
MATH 340 Numerical Analysis 3 units
MATH 350 Probability 3 units
MATH 445 Mathematical Modeling 3 units
MATH 495W Senior Project in Applied Mathematics A 1 unit
MATH 496W Senior Project in Applied Mathematics B 2 units
PHYS 270 Introduction to Mechanics and Wave Motion 4 units
Two upper-division electives chosen from 331, 341, 351, 360, or 365 6 units
One additional upper-division elective 3 units
Total 52 units

Substitutions in this list may be granted with the approval of the department chair.

For the applied emphasis a minor in a natural science, computer science, engineering, or economics is also required. Other minors can be substituted but require a proposal from the student explaining the connection between that discipline and mathematics that must be approved in advance by the department chair.