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Department of

Mathematics and Computer Science



Department Chair

Eric Jiang

Eric Jiang, PhD

Professor, Computer Science and Mathematics
(619) 260-5956

Office: Serra Hall 150

Office Hours: TR 10:35-12:05pm| F 10:00-12:00pm

Professor Jiang has been a member of the faculty since 1998. He teaches a variety of courses including object-oriented design and programming, data structures and algorithms, numerical analysis, data mining and neural networks. His research focus has been on information retrieval, data mining, scientific computation, Web link analysis and mining.

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Dwight Bean

Dwight Bean, PhD

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
(619) 260-4020

Office: Serra Hall 159D

Office Hours: MWR 12:15-2:20pm

Dwight Bean, PhD, has been a member of the faculty since 1973 and played a role in introducing the Computer Science major at USD.  Most recently he has taught Investigations in Modern Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus and Topology.  His current research is in voting theory. 

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Jane Friedman, PhD

Professor, Mathematics
(619) 260-4015

Office: Serra Hall 159A

Office Hours: M 11:30-1:00pm | W 12:15-1:15pm | R 2:30-3:00 pm| F 11:15-12:15; 3:30-4:00pm

Jane Friedman, PhD, is also the coordinator for the approved subject matter program in mathematic which prepares future high-school mathematics teachers. She has current research projects in voting theory and in statistics.

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Saturnino Garcia

Saturnino Garcia, PhD

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Office: Serra Hall 159E

Office Hours: MW 4:00-5:00pm | T 2:30-3:30pm

Sat Garcia has been a member of the faculty at USD since 2012. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego in 2012. Professor Garcia teaches a wide array of courses in computer science, with an emphasis on systems courses. His research focuses on programming systems, parallel programming, and computer architecture. He is also active in the area of computer science education, having examined the efficacy of peer instruction and other active learning methodologies.

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John Glick

John Glick, PhD

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
(619) 260-4018

Office: Serra Hall 133A

Office Hours: T 3:50-4:50pm | W 10:00-12:00pm; 2:00-3:00| R 3:50-4:50pm

John Glick, PhD has been a member of the faculty at USD since 1993.  He also currently serves as chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.  Glick teaches both computer science and mathematics courses.  He does research in the areas of optimization and parallel algorithms.

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Jennifer Gorsky

Jennifer Gorsky, PhD

Associate Professor, Mathematics
(619) 260-7986

Office: Serra Hall 133B

Office Hours: TR 2:30-5:00pm

Professor Jennifer Gorsky teaches a variety of courses, including courses on partial differential equations, the history of mathematics, linear algebra, and calculus.  Her main research focus is on the well-posedness and analyticity of the Cauchy problem for nonlinear evolution equations. 

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Diane Hoffoss

Diane Hoffoss, PhD

Associate Professor, Mathematics
(619) 260-7781

Office: Serra Hall 147

Office Hours: M 9:15-11:15am| T 10:35-12:05 or by appointment

Diane Hoffoss, PhD, has been a member of the faculty  since 2001, where she teaches all levels of mathematics.  Her research interests are in the areas of 3-manifold topology, foliations, and hyperbolic geometry.  In addition to her teaching and research activity, she is responsible for authoring and maintaining the Mathematics Placement Exam software system.  Also, each year Hoffoss advises teams of students who participate in COMAP’s International Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

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Stacy Langton, PhD

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
(619) 260-4707

Office: Serra Hall 153

Office Hours: MWF 10:00-11:00am ; 1:30-2:30pm

Stacy Langton graduated from Caltech and got his PhD at Harvard, working under David Mumford in the subject of Algebraic Geometry. After a period at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, he came to USD in 1978.

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Luby Liao

Luby Liao, PhD

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
(619) 260-4021

Office: Serra Hall 146

Office Hours: MWF 9:00-11:00am

Luby Liao, PhD, has been a member of the faculty since 1983.  He offers undergraduate courses on database management systems, Web application development, object-oriented programming, and computer Llteracy.  His research focus is Enterprise Web Development and Content Management System.

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Lynn McGrath, PhD

Associate Professor, Mathematics
(619) 260-2932

Office: Serra Hall 151

Office Hours: M 8:00-9:00am | 2:30-4:00pm| W 11:15-12:45pm

Lynn McGrath, PhD, has been a member of the faculty since 2002.  Most recently she taught Logic for Mathematics and Computer Science and Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Teachers.

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Perla Myers

Perla Myers, PhD

Professor, Mathematics
Associate Dean
(619) 260-4545

Office: Serra Hall 159B

Office Hours: By appointment

Perla Myers has been a member of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department since 1999. She enjoys teaching classes at all undergraduate levels: core mathematics classes, mathematics classes for the Mathematics major, and mathematics classes for future and in-service elementary and secondary school teachers. Professor Myers’ most recent work involves the improvement of the mathematical education of teachers.

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Cameron Parker

Cameron Parker, PhD

Professor, Mathematics
(619) 260-7956

Office: Serra Hall 148

Office Hours: M 1:30-3:00pm| T 9:00-10:00am| W1:30-3:00pm| F 9:00-10:00am

Cameron Parker, PhD, has been at USD since 2003.  In addition to his teaching and research, Parker is the Math Area Coordinator and has served in the Arts and Sciences Faculty Academic Assembly.  He co-organizes the Math Modeling Club and serves as an advisor for the Math Modeling Team.

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Jack Pope

Jack Pope, PhD

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
(619) 260-4841

Office: Serra Hall 143

Office Hours: T 10:45-12:00| W 12:30-3:15| R 10:45-11:45

Jack W. Pope, Ph. D., has been a member of the faculty since 1972.  He served as director of Academic Computing Services at the university from 1982 until 2006.  Pope concentrates on lower division undergraduate courses – specifically College Algebra and Introduction to Computer Programming.  His research interests include measuring the impact of technology in teaching and how that varies by discipline.

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Lukasz Pruski

Lukasz Pruski, PhD

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
(619) 260-4035

Office: Serra Hall 149

Office Hours: M 10:10-11:10am|T 2:20-3:50pm| W 4:30-5:30pm| F 2:00-3:30pm

Lukasz Pruski joined the mathematics department at USD in January 1983. Since then he has taught 31 different courses in five fields: in addition to mathematics and computer science he has taught engineering courses and co-taught courses in psychology and philosophy. His research focuses on mathematical modeling and computer simulation. He served as the department chair in the mid-Nineties and the math program coordinator in the recent years. He also served on almost all College of Arts and Sciences committees, including recently chairing the Rank and Tenure Committee.

Lukasz Pruski’s most favorite activities, second only to teaching, are reading books, running races from 5k to half-marathon, and listening to the music of Bach, Coltrane, and Sonic Youth.

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Amanda Ruiz

Amanda Ruiz, PhD

Assistant Professor
(619) 260-7931

Office: Serra Hall 159F

Office Hours: T 10:30-12:00; 4:00-5:30pm| W 3:30-4:30pm| F 11:00-12:00pm

Amanda Ruiz is a Southern California native, she grew up in Huntington Beach. She is joining the University of San Diego from Harvey Mudd College where she was a teaching and research postdoctoral fellow in the Mathematics Department. She received her PhD in mathematics from Binghamton University, where she also started the Graduate Women's Organization to help women support each other in the academic environment. She also served as president of the Binghamton University Parent's Collective, an organization aimed at creating a community of graduate students who are juggling school and children. Ruiz received a Masters degree in Mathematics from San Francisco State University, where she started the student group Mathematistas, which created a network of female graduate students in mathematics. Amanda enjoys doing research in combinatorics. Previous research has been in enumerative combinatorics and matroid theory. She especially enjoys doing research with undergraduate students. She is committed to making mathematics more accessible for women and students of color and considers service in this area an integral part of her job as an educator and academic. When she is not doing mathematics or teaching, Amanda enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her daughter and husband. Amanda's Erdös-Bacon number is 6 (=3+3).

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Michael Shulman

Michael Shulman, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
(619) 260-7955

Office: Serra Hall 159C

Office Hours: M 9:30-11:00am| T 10:30-11:30; 2:30-3:30pm| W 9:30-11:00am

Michael Shulman, PhD, joined the faculty at USD in 2013. He teaches various courses in mathematics, and does research in the areas of category theory and algebraic topology.

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Ani P. Velo

Ani P. Velo, PhD

Professor, Mathematics
(619) 260-7846

Office: Serra Hall 152

Professor Ani P. Velo has been a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of San Diego (USD) since fall 2002.  Prior to coming to USD, Professor Velo was the recipient of the Davies Fellowship award from the National Research Council, Washington D.C. and held a joined post-doctoral position at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY and U.S. Army Research Laboratory, MD. Professor Velo has taught a variety of undergraduate courses in mathematics and applied mathematics. Her research interests, mainly in applied mathematics, include wave propagation, structural optimization and composite materials.

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