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Marine Science Graduate Program

About Master of Science in Marine Science

Divers MARSUSD's Marine Science and Environmental Studies Department offers graduate work leading to the degree of Master of Science in Marine Science. This degree is based largely on research and is intended to provide graduate students with an opportunity to design projects that test hypotheses, contribute new information to an existing knowledge base, and learn to write in a way that facilitates scientific exchange. Course work and research are integrated, culminating in a written thesis. Students can take advantage of resources at USD as well as San Diego's rich community of ocean specialists.

The program utilizes not only the excellent facilities at the University of San Diego’s Donald P. Shiley Center for Science and Technology, but those of nearby institutions, such as the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (National Marine Fisheries, NOAA), the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, and the Leon R. Hubbard Hatchery. USD faculty currently are involved in research in marine geochemistry, climatology, paleoclimatology, hydrology, oceanography, marine biology, locomotion and fluid dynamics, physiology, ecology, and population genetics.