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Master of Arts in International Relations

Message from the Director

February 10, 2014

Hi Guys,

Hope your first week back was super like the bowl.

1.  On internships, let me remind you to touch base with me and with Chris this weekend (, his address is now on the national counterterrorism center watchlist for the California-Islamic state of Syria, Egypt, and the Levant), if you are interested in teaming up for an Army War College project for the fall or just having all your communications and movements monitored by the government.  (just kidding.)  The work would be done here in San Diego.  Those interested might want to convene on Monday afternoon 400 to 500 in IPJ 253 to begin discussing team project possibilities; I have an appointment to call the research intern director on Tuesday.   You might want to keep in mind the classes being offered in the Fall as they might dovetail nicely with a particular investigation (Theory, Security, Middle East, Latin America, and NATO travel course.)

2.  We have a special event on Thursday with George Novinger, former Department of State for 33 years including a tour as Deputy Chief of Mission in Damascus.  He will be speaking about contemporary Syria from 230 to 345 in MRH 102 to a general audience and will then swing by IPJ 253 from 400 to 500 for an informal conversation with the MAIR program about his career.  Capstone students (traditional and new) are expected to attend and all other MAIR students are welcome.  Refreshments will be provided. 

3.  Planning for the Shanghai one week seminar on nuclear weapons and nuclear power must now begin and move quickly.  This seminar would run from Sunday evening June 15 through Friday evening June 21 (six nights of hotel Sunday through Friday.)  The cost of the program would be between 2000 and 2100 dollars for 1.5 units, including four to five star hotel (double occupancy) in downtown Shanghai and 500 dollar scholarships (for those eligible to receive tuition scholarships.)  Please let me know by this coming Thursday if you are more than 50 per cent interested in going.  If there is not sufficient interest, the program will be dropped.  If there appears to be sufficient interest, I will have the international center prepare applications that will require nonrefundable (600 dollars) commitments by Thursday February 20.