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Master of Arts in International Relations

Important Dates for Admission and Funding

1.  To be considered for department scholarships and university financial aid, applications must be completed and received by the "priority deadlines" of March 1 for the fall enrollment and by October 1 for spring enrollment.

2.  Applications for simple admission are accepted until July 1 for the fall admission and until December 1 for spring enrollment.  Applications for admission can sometimes be accepted after those dates, but there is no guarantee they can be processed in time or that space will be available.

3.  The department does not review applications until they are complete and it is the prospective student's responsibility to verify that the application is complete.  Inquiries should be directed to the Graduate Admissions Office ( or 619 260 4524.)

4.  The departmental review process normally requires up to one month once the application is completed.