MAIR Combined Degree Program

USD undergraduates who are completing a major or minor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations may be eligible to start their master's degree in international relations while completing the requirements for their bachelor's.

Current USD undergraduates who are pursuing a major or minor in the Department of Political Science & International Relations may apply for admission to the Master of Arts in International Relations as soon as they reach junior standing. If admitted to the program, undergraduates are permitted take up to 12 units of 500-level coursework to count towards the requirements for both their bachelor's and master's degrees, with 500-level courses counting as undergraduate electives.

USD undergraduate students are eligible to apply to the Master’s program during their junior or senior year, provided that they have a 3.5 GPA within the major, have completed at least two 300- or 400-level political science or international relations courses (including POLS 350, POLS 370, or POLS 380), and will have completed all courses in preparation for the undergraduate major before enrollment in the combined degree program. 

Students admitted to the combined degree program will have undergraduate status until they complete their bachelor's degree requirements, and will become graduate students in the semester after graduation from their undergraduate program. Combined degree students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 at both the undergraduate and graduate level, or be subject to academic probation and/or expulsion from the graduate program. Combined degree students must complete a minimum of 18 units while they have graduate student status in order to satisfy the combined degree program requirements.