Affiliated Program Electives for MAIR

Customize your course of study in the MAIR program through your elective courses.

Among the 18 units of elective credit required for the MAIR program, students may take any regular course offered through the MAIR program. Students may also take up to six units of internationally relevant undergraduate or graduate coursework within the College of Arts & Sciences or in the Schools of Law, Business, and Peace & Justice, as well as similarly relevant graduate-level courses from other accredited institutions (with approval from the graduate director).

*Registration generally requires signature of MAIR program Grad Director and relevant outside program Director. Some courses may place visiting graduate students on wait list; law school has a different calendar that begins and ends early. Not all courses listed below should be considered necessarily suitable for MAIR program; subject to investigation and confirmation. Conversely, there might be some classes that are suitable but not listed below; don’t hesitate to propose an elective to the program director. Normally there is a maximum of 6 elective units for the 30 unit degree, but that maximum can be waived depending on circumstances.