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Living Learning Communities


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Past Events: 2013

February 2013

Mon4LLC SPS: Trip to Disneyland!
Tue-Sun12-12 Movie Night with Dr. Mayer- "Buackaroo Banzai"

April 2013

Wed10Sustainability LLC: 'Waste No Water' Film Competition
Wed10Social Justice LLC: Screening with the Filmmaker
Thu11Movie Under the Stars: 'Jurassic Park'
Sat13Sustainability LLC: Sustainability Conference
Sat13Sustainability and Social Justice LLCs: Neon Run
Mon15San Diego River Park Foundation: Pizza and Speaker
Fri26Honors LLC: Spring BBQ
Sat27Social Justice LLC: Tijuana Immersion Trip

September 2013

Fri6Change LLC: Old Town Happy Hour
Sat7Globalization LLC: Day at the Bay
Sat14Sustainability LLC: Mission Point Beach Blowout Aquatic Trifecta with Taco Cart
Sun15Faith and Reason LLC: Mission Point Beach Day
Mon16Space, Place and Sound LLC: Picnic on the Terrace
Wed18Natural World LLC: "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" at The Old Globe Theater
Fri20Intersections LLC: Walking Tour of San Diego
Fri20Honors LLC: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Fri20Sustainability LLC: Sunset Tour of IPJ Solar Installation
Fri20Sustainability LLC: Japanese Moon Viewing/Haiku Party with Hot Chocolate
Sat21Change LLC: Mission Bay
Sun22Natural World LLC: Shark Swim
Tue24Intersections LLC: Tour of Chicano Park
Fri27Intersections LLC: Beach Day at Mission Bay Park
Sat28Sustainability LLC: Visit Fishing Dock/Market
Sat28Honors LLC: Apples and Wolves and Pie, Oh My!
Mon30Social Justice LLC: What Do You Stand For?
Mon30Space, Place, and Sound LLC: What Do You Stand For?
Mon30Globalization LLC: International Changemaking & NGOs

October 2013

Tue1Sustainability LLC: Idea Lab - Inspire Speaker
Tue1Globalization LLC: Empathy - A Tool for Cultural Immersion
Tue1Natural World LLC: Idea Lab - Inspire Speaker
Tue1Change LLC: Idea Lab - Inspire Speaker
Tue1Faith and Reason LLC: Cultivating Empathy
Tue1Space, Place, and Sound LLC: Cultivating Empathy
Tue1Honors LLC: Cultivating Empathy
Tue1Globalization LLC: SANKOFA - Change Starts From Within
Tue1Social Justice LLC: Empathy - A Tool for Cultural Immersion
Tue1Intersections LLC: Empathy - A Tool for Cultural Immersion
Tue1Sustainability LLC: Not Wasted - Help make USD a Zero Waste Campus
Tue1Natural World LLC: Not Wasted - Help make USD a Zero Waste Campus
Tue1Change LLC: Not Wasted - Help Make USD a Zero Waste Campus
Tue1Globalization LLC: Study Abroad Info Session
Tue1Faith and Reason LLC: Spirituality is Served
Tue1Sustainability LLC: 'Sun Come Up' Film Screening
Tue1Natural World LLC: 'Sun Come Up' Film Screening
Tue1Change LLC: 'Sun Come Up' Film Screening
Wed2Faith and Reason LLC: Changing the Conversation
Wed2Globalization LLC: Changing the Conversation
Wed2Social Justice LLC: Changing the Conversation
Wed2Honors LLC: Engaging Graduate Students on their Changemaker Experience
Wed2Faith and Reason LLC: 'Living on One Dollar' Film Screening
Wed2Space Place and Sound LLC: 'Living on One Dollar' Film Screening
Wed2Globalization LLC: 'Living on One Dollar' Film Screening
Thu3Globalization LLC: Roundtable Discussion on "Using International Finance to Improve Our World"
Thu3Social Justice LLC: Evening at Mo'olelo
Fri4Globalization LLC: 2013 Leadership for Peace and Prosperity Summit
Sat5Intersections LLC: Tailgate Party
Sat5Globalization LLC: USD Football Tailgate with Honors and Intersections
Sat12Social Justice LLC: Tijuana Maquiladora Tour
Sat12Globalization LLC: Tijuana Maquiladora Tour
Thu17Intersections LLC: Linda Vista Farmer's Market
Fri18Social Justice LLC: West African Drumming and Dancing Class
Fri18Space, Place and Sound LLC: Kid Simple - A Radio Play in the Flesh
Sat19Faith and Reason LLC: Tide Pool Trip
Thu24Natural World LLC: Pizza and a Movie, "Temple Grandin"
Sat26Sustainability LLC: Trip to Friendship Park, Tijuana Estuary, and Wild Willow Organic Farm
Sat26Natural World LLC: Nature Preserve Clean Sweep
Mon-Thu28-31Globalization LLC: San Diego Museum of Man (Multiple Dates and Times)
Wed30Faith and Reason LLC: Dia De Los Muertos Dinner
Wed30Intersections LLC: Italian-Americans in the Media
Thu31Intersections LLC: Mirrors, Ghosts, and Violence in Ciudad Juarez

November 2013

Sat2Globalization LLC: Chicano Park Tour
Sat2Natural World LLC: La Jolla Symphony Orchestra Concert
Mon4Faith and Reason LLC: Ghost Map Book Discussion
Mon4Space, Place, and Sound LLC: Navigating Web Reg
Thu7Faith and Reason LLC: Science, Faith and Reason Book Club
Fri8Natural World LLC: Ghost Map Seminar with Dr. Yildiz
Fri8Social Justice LLC: San Diego Asian Film Fest - 'American Revolutionary'
Sat9Faith and Reason LLC: Tijuana Day Trip
Sat9Intersections LLC: Historic Tour of Little Italy
Sat9Sustainability LLC: Environmental Justice Trip to Tijuana
Thu14Faith and Reason LLC: Movie Night "Inherit the Wind"
Sat16Social Justice LLC: US-Mexico Border Hike
Sat16Intersections LLC: Balboa Park Tour
Thu21Sustainability LLC: Food Justice - Community Service Learning Trip
Thu21Faith and Reason LLC: Movie Night Part 2 "Contact"
Sat23Change LLC: Friends of the River Mouth Habitat Restoration Project
Sat23Faith and Reason LLC: USS Midway Field Trip

December 2013

Mon2Honors LLC: Christmas Dining Session
Tue3Sustainability LLC: Sapphire Energy and Salk Institute Tour
Thu5Globalization LLC: Holiday Dining Session
Sat7Social Justice LLC: Beach Bonfire
Mon9Intersections LLC: End of Semester Dinner
Tue10Natural World LLC: Symposium and Dinner
Tue10Sustainability LLC: Sustainable Dinner
Tue10Space, Place, and Sound LLC: Meet the Gamelan
Thu12Change LLC: Holiday Dinner