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Living Learning Communities

Frequently Asked Questions

Why LLCs at USD?

Anybody who has read the Harry Potter books and knows about the four houses at Hogwarts understands the importance of forming communities with students of similar interests and personalities (but no Slytherins at USD!). By linking USD’s core curriculum to specific themes, such as social justice, sustainability, and spirituality, students can examine issues from multiple perspectives. National studies have shown that students in living learning communities demonstrate stronger academic achievement, and are more invested in and connected to the campus community. By taking part in activities, using campus resources and interacting with faculty, students in living learning communities experience an overall more seamless transition to college.

General Questions

Advising Questions

Housing Questions



What are the benefits of participating in an LLC?

Students living in LLCs make connections from the day they arrive on campus with peers, faculty, resident assistants (RAs), preceptorial assistants (PAs) and others. They participate in curricular and co-curricular activities related to the theme. They share interests, knowledge and experiences with others, and enrich their experience at USD. All this — learning in a small group, getting to know your professors, making connections with classmates and sharing ideas and experiences — helps build your engagement in our community.

Do all students participate in the LLCs?

Yes. 100% of our students are required to participate in the LLC program.

Where can I learn more about the LLCs at USD?

Visit, contact us at 619.260.7613, visit the MySanDiego portal, or contact Residential Life at 619.260.4777

If you do have more questions about the LLCs, you can post them on, or tweet us at

How can I participate if I don’t live on campus?

First-year students not living on campus are welcome to participate in living learning communities. You will be given access to the residence hall (and parking) where the other students participating in your theme are living to facilitate participation in co-curricular events and interaction with classmates. You’ll also be connected to an RA in your theme to make sure you stay linked to informal interactions as well.

How do I sign up for an LLC?

All incoming first-year students participate in an LLC. To select a theme, preference your top theme choices on your First-Year Advising Questionnaire (available Monday, May 11th at 8am) on the MySanDiego portal..

What will be required of me when I'm assigned an LLC?

In addition to completing the requirements of the preceptorial course, students participating in living learning communities are invited to engage in co-curricular events offered to explore their theme and make connections between life in and out of the classroom. Some of the events that past participants enjoyed can be found here:



What is the deadline for applying to an LLC?

You will preference your top LLCs in the First-Year Advising Questionnaire available May 11th and closing May 31st.

How do I select an LLC on my First-Year Advising Questionnaire?

You have the opportunity to provide several preferences for your preceptorial course on your First-Year Advising Questionnaire. All preceptorials on the Questionnaire are connected to an LLC theme, they are indicated after the course title. You can choose one of 8 themes: Change; Faith and Reason; Globalization; Intersections; Natural World; Space, Place and Sound; Sustainability; and Social Justice. Please note that those students who are admitted to the Honors program will automatically be enrolled in the Insight LLC.

The First-Year Advising Questionnaire will be available beginning on Monday, May 11th at 8am through Sunday, May 31st. To access the First-Year Advising Questionnaire, go to the MySanDiego portal, you’ll find the Questionnaire under the New Student Checklist on the Announcements page.

How do I coordinate the preferencing of my top themes and my top preceptorial courses?

You will be able to preference your top 3 preceptorial courses within LLC themes on the First-Year Advising Questionnaire. Some courses are offered in several different themes (e.g. Biology 190 and Economics 101), so be sure to select the preferred course in your preferred theme.

For example, if you are set on being in the Intersections LLC then you should preference several preceptorials linked to that theme. Alternatively, if you are most interested in having a Biology preceptorial course, you should then indicate Biology courses in different themes as your preferred preceptorial courses.


Housing Questions

Can I choose my roommate?

Part of the housing application includes providing information about your personal, academic and social preferences in your living environment. Residential Life uses that information to create compatible roommate matches for all first-year students, you do not choose your roommate yourself. Residential Life invests a significant amount of time to create compatible roommate matches based on the information you provide. An advantage to living in an LLC is that your roommate and your floormates will be interested in the theme (Social Justice, Sustainability, etc.), have classes together, and you’ll begin your relationship with something in common. When you live on campus your second year and beyond, you get to choose your roommate.

When should I complete my housing application?

Your housing application will become available after you submit your First-Year Advising Questionnaire and will close on Monday, June 15th at 4pm. Your housing assignment will be determined by your LLC theme. To access the online housing application, go to the MySanDiego portal. You’ll find the housing application in the New Student Checklist on the Announcements page.

What do current LLC students say about their experience?

View our testimonials page to see the feedback we've received!

Where can I find more information about housing?

Please visit Residential Life's webpage for additional information regarding on-campus housing.