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Living Learning Communities

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"We've seen a particular closeness that students feel in the LLCs through the sharing of residential areas, classrooms and thematic questions. The physical and cognitive spaces create a kind of deep knowledge of each other that I haven't seen elsewhere."

Esteban Del Río, PhD
Faculty Member, Sustainability LLC

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Your first year is like no other. You are likely to learn more about yourself and your capabilities than at any other time in your life. You will make connections that may last decades. Every moment will be charged with possibility. What better way to nurture yourself than through a living learning community?

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In living learning communities (LLC) students who share a common interest live and study together. Not only do LLCs ease your academic and social transition to USD, they expand your intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom, and establish an immediate sense of community with your faculty and fellow residents.

In an LLC, students take classes together and live near one another, sharing a supercharged college experience where academics meld with exciting extracurricular activities and community engagement, unfurling new understandings in the process. Built around themes such as social justice or sustainability, each LLC provides a ripe environment for you and your peers to ponder differing perspectives and galvanize into action. Read More...

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Noelle Norton

Living Learning Communities at USD