Transferring Credit for Liberal Studies Courses

Thank you for your interest in transferring to USD and majoring in the Liberal Studies program. We encourage you to contact Margaret Daley, PhD, Program Director, with any questions you may have about the Liberal Studies program. We would also like to invite you to consider visiting the campus and meeting with the Program Director and a representative from the School of Learning and Education Sciences to learn more about the Liberal Studies program and what we have to offer.

How to Petition to Transfer Credit

For current majors intending to transfer course work from another institution:

Recall the following rules:

  • No LBST Core courses may be transferred if listed as **NO SUBSTITUTIONS in handbook/bulletin
  • No online courses
  • No courses can be taken Pass/Fail
  • Any transferred course must be passed with a grade of "C or higher"

USD students planning to take a degree requirement or elective at another university must follow the steps outlined in the online process on your MySanDiego portal, under My Academics / Transfer Credit Processing. Refer to the FAQ document posted there (Requesting Transfer Credit Approval.pdf) for the full explanation of the process.

Upon completion of the workflow, there is no guarantee that USD will approve the course you are interested in transferring. You must complete the following steps BEFORE ENROLLING OR TAKING THE CLASS to determine whether or not the course has been approved.

Two possible workflows may be initiated:
1) You may request ‘Transfer Credit Petition’ for approval of a previously articulated transfer course.
2) You may request ‘Transfer Class Articulation’ for review and approval for an external course not currently approved for transfer credit.

Note: Be sure to fill out the required information on the form completely. All the information about the course is located on the website of the university or college where you want to take the course. If any part of the form is not filled out the form will not be processed. Please note that many departments will require a syllabus before approving a new course from another institution.

Remember that you must have an official transcript from the external institution sent to the USD Registrar's Office upon completion of the class. If you do not put in this request your academic record will not reflect that you took the course.

Transfer Requirements

  • Courses taken as Pass/Fail are not accepted
  • Any transferred course must be passed with a grade of C- or higher
The following changes to the transfer of credit policy will be in effect during the Fall 2020 semester:
  • Online courses taken in Fall 2020 by students who are on an approved leave of absence from the university may be accepted for transfer of credit when they return to USD. 
  • Full-time, continuing students may transfer online courses from colleges and universities in San Diego County or their county of residence. In extenuating circumstances, courses from other schools may be approved by the Dean's Office.