Learning Outcomes

The Liberal Studies Program learning outcomes are:

Written Communication

Students will demonstrate strong writing skills, which are productive of critical insight, clear expression and sound mechanics, and can include creative writing, research and critical argument.

Oral Communication

Students will demonstrate oral communication skills that will be effective in the classroom and beyond, in their roles as professionals and community members.

Discipline-specific Content Knowledge

Students will demonstrate content knowledge in the disciplines necessary for teaching. They will be able to identify and explain the conceptual, theoretical, and methodological foundations in the areas of mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts.

Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate the ability to apply critical thinking skills, including quantitative reasoning, to the analysis of course content. They will be able to logically organize their ideas and draw reasonable inferences.

Teaching Professionalism

Students will demonstrate dispositions that are appropriate to, and in concert with, classroom situations.