Current Scholastic Assistants

Important Dates for Current SAs

Calendar of important dates for prospective SAs.
Date Event Location
Tuesday, January 29th - Wednesday, February 6th SA Informational Sessions *Must attend to receive an application Various times and locations
Tuesday, January 29th SA Applications and Interview Sign-Ups Open 12:30 PM, online
Sunday, February 10th SA Applications and Interview Sign-Ups Due Electronic submissions are due by 11:59 PM
Monday, February 11th - Friday, February 22nd SA Interviews Various locations and times
Friday, March 1st SA Applicants Notified of Decision Email notification to USD email address
Monday, March 13th Deadline to Accept SA Position Before 5:00 PM, via email
Wednesday, April 2nd Student Leader Lunch/Training  12:00-2:00 PM, in UC Forum C
Friday, April 26th LLC Theme Team Training 1:30-4:00 PM in various locations (contact your SC for details)
Tuesday, April 30th LLC Showcase 12:00-2:00 PM, in JCP

Mid August-OLÉ! Weekend (exact dates TBA)

SA Leadership Training Various times and locations
 Late August- Early September (exact dates TBA)  OLÉ! Weekend Various times and locations

Reimbursement Process

Scholastic Assistants may purchase food/items/tickets that benefit the students of their LLC course. Each LLC faculty member is allotted money to facilitate interaction in their LLC courses. Please communicate with your assigned LLC faculty member, and the Learning Communities team, before making any purchases using these funds.

Once you've made a purchase (such as pizza for a registration event or donuts for a study session), please submit a Petty Cash Voucher (for amounts under $100) or a Payment Request (for over $100) to the LLC office. In each case, you will need to submit original receipts, the name of the LLC and LLC course, and a list of students who attended.

Petty Cash form (under $100) - fill out sections 1, 2 and 3. 

Student Expense Report (over $100) - fill out sections 1 and 2

Please contact the Scholastic Chair at if you need to obtain a copy of the SA Roster.