Innovate LLC

Creativity is the power to see things differently.

Who is an innovator? An innovator approaches a problem with creativity and resolve. We practice social entrepreneurship that leads to positive change in the community. We let our compassion drive our curiosity. Join us - be an innovator.

Innovate LLC students will be housed in the Valley B residence halls. Students living in Valley B enjoy close proximity to Missions Café and Missions Fitness Center. This housing area is situated in what students call “The Valley,” which is the largest residential community on campus, and home to first-year students, sophomores, and upperclassmen alike. Please note that Valley B has single and double rooms. Each floor has a total of 30 residents, with two shared bathrooms, with two shower stalls, two toilets and two sinks in each bathroom. All residents on the floor share these bathrooms, regardless of the room occupancy type. 


Begin quote Innovate is all about creativity and passion. It allows us to unite and come up with ideas and actions to create positive change in our communities. I’m excited to be part of a theme in which everyone’s voice is essential for progress and problem solving! – Keeley Copeland, Facilitating Scholastic Assistant for Innovate

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Begin quote Throughout human history, Innovation has powered the greatest leaps in technology, ideology, and our understanding of the Universe. I am honored to aide in the development and growth of the University of San Diego's next generation of Innovators. – Zephyr Lacey, Facilitating Residential Assistant for Innovate