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Department of

Languages and Literatures

José Mendoza

Supervisor, Mesas de conversación
Adjunct Instructor

José L. Mendoza has been teaching in the Department of Languages and Literatures since 1994. He teaches the basic courses of beginning and intermediate Spanish. In the past, Professor Mendoza has taught both at USD and at other academic institutions a variety of Spanish courses.


M.A., University of California at San Diego, Spanish Literature
B.A., University of California at San Diego, Spanish

Scholarly and Creative Work

Beyond his teaching duties, Professor Mendoza has been developing new materials and testing instruments for the Spanish 102 courses that he is presently coordinating. He consistently attends various seminars/workshops/conferences related to his field of study and beyond. A scholarly interest of his continues to be how to incorporate the new methodologies and technological offerings in the field of language acquisition.

Teaching Interests

Professor Mendoza’s career interests are the new trends in the teaching of languages as a whole, and especially in the field of Spanish. The Spanish for Heritage Speakers curriculum is another of his endeavors. In this area, he sees the need and he has been advocating for a new track of classes that can meet the particular needs of this ever-growing group of students at USD.