Why Study Languages, Cultures and Literatures at USD?

We are dedicated to excellence in teaching in these areas and producing original scholarly and creative contributions to our disciplines. Our mission speaks directly to the University's commitment to academic excellence, providing students with an enriching liberal arts education, and preparing them to engage responsibly in diverse local, national and international realities.

Why Choose Languages, Cultures and Literatures at USD:

Variety and Diversity of Languages Offered

Students have the chance to learn about several different languages and cultures, so they broad awareness about the world and it's people. This is a more comprehensive approach than learning a single language, as students gain deeper understanding of how language(s) impact people.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Our department's courses form a part of a number of interdisciplinary programs including Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Medieval and Renaissance Studies as well as the Bilingual Credential Program and Interdisciplinary Humanities program. By its very nature, the Department contributes significantly to the internationalization of the curriculum and cultural diversity at USD.

Vibrant Events

Students learn more than language, so they evolve into culturally adept global citizens who are sought after in the corporate, government and NGO employment markets.

Language Commons

Students have a dedicated space - the Rigsby Language and Culture Commons - to build a strong sense of community with our department, and this expands their experiences outside of the classroom. It serves as a "home-base" for students as well as a space for hosting cultural events.

Tutoring and Faculty Support

Students benefit from close interactions and assistance from our faculty and tutors. They can refine their language skills and feel supported as the learn new language(s). Students learn to appreciate languages and cultures, and they become lifelong learners - a trait that will benefit them in their professions.

Department Research

Our faculty are actively publishing new research to explore and unearth new insights of global languages and cultures. Students can engage with faculty on these projects to enhance their resumes and gain valuable experience to inspire their careers.

Emphasis on Language and Cultural Studies

Language study is a vital part of an education in the liberal arts and prepare students to participate more fully and actively in the global community. At the lower-division level, the language programs are devised to enable students to acquire the basic structures and vocabulary necessary to communicate effectively in the target language in a variety of settings. Likewise students develop a greater awareness of other cultures, develop skills in intercultural communication and gain direct access to additional bodies of knowledge.

Graduates: Ready for Success

Upper-division courses provide students with a foundation in the cultural history of the languages, peoples, and regions studied within their socio-political and economic contexts. Courses help students develop skills in critical thinking, literary and cultural analysis, and clear and effective self expression in both speaking and writing in the target languages. Students enhance their appreciation for and contribution to the level of inclusion and diversity in U.S. and international societies through cultural understanding and linguistic proficiency. Upon completion of the Department's majors, students are well prepared to initiate graduate studies in language, literature, or other disciplines, or to become successful professionals in a number of different areas including international relations, law, health, business, and education, among many others.