Tutoring - Spring 2021

Tutoring begins on February 8.

Need a Tutor?

This semester, the tutoring program will work remotely. We will not be using Zoom but a platform called WCOnline like USD's Writing Center.

Our program is a service for all USD students currently enrolled in one of our language courses, designed to help students to improve their language abilities, to review before an exam, to practice their presentations before presenting in class, or to ask for grammar clarifications. To that end, our tutors: 
  • explain concepts that students have difficulty understanding 
  • use alternate methods and examples to explain content and help students understand 
  • help students practice and improve their speaking and writing skills
  • help students become more confident in their own abilities 

Our tutors will NOT:

  • do assignments for students 
  • simply "edit" students' work (vs. helping them to see areas of improvement) 
  • grade assignments or discuss assigned grades

Want to Tutor?

Volunteers must have fulfilled the Second Language Core Requirement either by passing the course (201 or higher) in the language they wish to tutor, or the competency exam, or having received a waiver of the requirement based upon native proficiency.

Those who have not completed a course in the language they would like to tutor at USD, including international students, can get a head start on the application process by contacting the program directors to arrange a brief interview. Interviews must be completed by January 28 at 5 p.m. 

To learn more, read Information for Prospective Tutors.

Complete the Tutoring Application.

How to Reserve a Tutoring Session

Click on your language below to register. Once registered,

  • select your language (from within the system) and log in to open the tutoring calendar
  • click on one of the white boxes
  • complete the appointment information form
  • check for a confirmation email

When it is time for your appointment, click on the reserved square, and this window will open. Click on the "Start or Join Online Consultation." Your tutor will be waiting.

You will see and hear each other. There is a chat feature available if audio is not working well and a central area in which to write (similar to a white board). Everything is available at the same time.

3 row-three column table of languages, arabic, chinese, french, german, italian, japanese, spanish