Study Abroad Opportunities

Participation in a study-abroad program is a special opportunity to have a deeply meaningful learning experience that complements the undergraduate liberal arts education at USD. In order to effectively integrate study abroad into your academic studies at USD and to enhance the holistic immersion experience, we strongly recommend the following strategy:

Know before you go!

Don’t delay your language studies. You should initiate or resume the study of a second (or third) language as soon as you arrive at USD, and then continue studying the language as much as possible before going abroad. You should then choose your study-abroad destination based on the language you’ve studied. The degree of your linguistic and cultural immersion abroad as well as your overall experience and level of proficiency in the language are exponentially enhanced by doing this.

Living and studying abroad

Focus your study-abroad experience on linguistic and cultural immersion as much as possible by choosing the homestay option, whenever possible, and taking advantage of all opportunities for linguistic and cultural exchange with the locals.

Follow up

Upon returning to USD, integrate your study-abroad experience into your undergraduate education through further studies of the language, culture, and literature; pursue a major or minor in the language; become a peer tutor; participate in the language conversation tables and other cultural activities of the Department.

The Department of Languages and Literatures offers a number of faculty-led programs in a wide range of destinations that include Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Please contact the program directors listed below for more information.