Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes for the Majors

French, Italian Studies and Spanish

SLO 1: Communicative Proficiency: Majors can communicate in the target language in the four basic communicative skills at the advanced level according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. Guidelines.

SLO 2: Intercultural Competence: Majors have the capacity to interact appropriately and effectively within diverse social and cultural contexts in the target-language-speaking world. They can formulate complex questions about the target cultures and articulate answers to these questions that reflect multiple cultural perspectives.

SLO 3: Knowledge and Understanding: Majors can contextualize and cogently explain the significance of a representative selection of figures, texts, and tendencies in the literature and other forms of cultural production from the target-language-speaking world.

SLO 4: Critical thinking: Majors can critically analyze a text, define a position, and substantiate it using thorough research techniques, the integration of disparate areas of knowledge, and innovative thinking.

Core Curriculum Language Requirement

As part of the Core Curriculum, undergraduate students must have third-semester competency in another language in addition to English at the time of their graduation. Students are encouraged to fulfill this requirement during their freshman and sophomore years at USD by completing a third-semester course (201) in any of the language offered by the department: Arabic, Chinese, Classical Greek, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin and Spanish. For further details and options, please see requirements and placement information.