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Film italiani - Autunno 2015
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Appuntamento al cinema! Everyone is welcome!

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On campus



Monday, Dec. 7 | 5:30-7:30 | Serra Hall 215

A man is put in jeopardy when he's forced to help a family with nowhere to turn. Ernesto is an elderly fisherman who lives on the Sicilian island of Linosa. The fishing business has gone into a slump and many on the island have either opened businesses catering to tourists or moved elsewhere, though his 20-year-old grandson Filippo works with him over the objection of his more pragmatic mother. Political and economic unrest in North Africa has caused a growing number of people to flee the country in hopes of relocating in Europe, and the Sicilian government has firmly warned sailors not to pick up Africans attempting to enter the country illegally by boat. When Ernesto sees a young man and his pregnant mother drowning after fleeing a small boat, his conscience forces him to rescue them, and when the woman gives birth not long after they reach shore, the old man and his family become unwitting criminals as they give the immigrant family a place to stay.  ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Off campus


San Diego Italian Film Festival:


sabato, 5 settembre

Cinema Paradiso

Where: Little Italy: Firehouse Museum Theater
Amici Park (at State and Date Streets)
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Cost: $5
Contact: (619) 238-7559 |

Cinema Paradiso is the beautiful, enchanting story of a young boy's lifelong love affair with the movies. Set in an Italian village, Salvatore finds himself enchanted by the flickering images at the Cinema Paradiso, yearning for the secret of the cinema's magic. When the projectionist, Alfredo, agrees to reveal the mysteries of moviemaking, a deep friendship is born. The day comes for Salvatore to leave the village and pursue his dream of making movies of his own. Thirty years later he receives a message that beckons him back home to a secret and beautiful discovery that awaits him.