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Department of

Languages, Cultures and Literatures

Classical Greek Program

Note: Please read the placement policy of this department before enrolling in your first Classical Greek class at USD or elsewhere.

Core Curriculum Program

Students who enroll in Classical Greek to complete the Core Curriculum requirement will most likely need to take the full, three-semester sequence (101, 102, and 201).

We offer very advanced students the opportunity of taking our own Competency Exam in lieu of taking any classes. To learn more, please use the Dept. Home link below and then click on "Placement & Credit."

Minor Program

While we do not offer a minor in Classical Greek, the Interdisciplinary Humanities major and minor programs offer students with an interest in Latin the option of selecting a concentration in Classical Studies. Advanced courses are taken through a variety of departments in the College of Arts and Sciences (such as History, Philosophy, and Theology and Religious Studies). Those courses are taught in English.

A separate Classical Studies minor has also been developed. Option 1 requires the completion of Greek 101, 102, and 201, an additional lower-division course, either Greek 202 or one taken from the list of approved classes, and 9 upper-division units selected from thi list. Please click on the link to learn more.