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Languages, Cultures and Literatures


The typical student begins with German 101 and progresses to German 201. However, some students with a strong background in German may begin with German 102.

Students who have completed college-level German 102 prior to enrolling at USD may satisfy the language requirement by taking only German 201. Note: Third semester classes are only open to students who have completed a second semester college course or who have demonstrated their readiness on the USD placement exam.

The Deutschsektion is pleased to offer students the opportunity to take German 201 in Europe with a USD instructor in a special summer session. This course makes it feasible to complete the Core Curriculum requirement in a single academic year with the added benefit of cultural immersion in Germany, Austria and/or Switzerland.

Note: Please read the placement policy of this department before enrolling in your first German class at USD or elsewhere.

The Minor Program

We offer two options to students who would like to minor in German.

Option 1:

18 units: At least 9 of the 18 must be in upper-division courses.

Option 2:

12 units of upper-division courses. Prerequisites: Fourth semester competency in German and approval by department chair.

For either option, a minimum of six upper-division units must be taken on the San Diego campus. With that restriction in mind, students are encouraged to participate in a study abroad program for a semester or a year at our affiliated programs in Freiburg, Germany and Vienna, Austria.

Students who are interested in enrolling in non-affiliated programs should must familiarize themselves with the process described on the International Studies Abroad website.