Club Français

Raison d'Etre du Club

Le Club français est ouvert aux étudiants de USD qui s'intéressent à la langue et à la culture française. Il n'est pas nécessaire de savoir parler français pour participer aux activités du club qui sont ouvertes aux membres et à leurs amis. L'inscription au club est gratuite, mais certaines activités peuvent demander une modeste participation aux frais (cinéma, musée, restaurant…).  N'hésitez pas à contacter la présidente Katelyn Johnson: si vous avez des questions.

The French Club is open to all USD students who are interested in the French language and culture. It is not necessary to be fluent in French in order to participate in the club's activities which are open to our members and their friends. Enrollment in the club is free, but some of its activities may require a modest participation fee (movies, museums, restaurants, etc.). If you have questions, e-mail them to the president Katelyn Johnson:

Calendrier d'Activités

Sept. 27th, 7pm: Cheese Tasting in Olin 127

Oct. 12th, 7pm: Music Night/Karaoke (location TBA)

Oct. 25th: Sartre event with the Philosophy Club (time and location TBA)

Nov. 8th, 12:30: Pétanque (location TBA)

Dec. 6th: Discussion group with members of ISO (time and location TBA)

TBA: Studying Abroad in France/Francophone Panel (date, time and location TBA)

Questions about this schedule should be directed to Katelyn Johnson (

If you have ideas or would like to join as a board member or just want to have your name added to the French Club listserv to stay informed of future events, please contact Dr. Sylvie Ngilla, French Club Advisor (

Les étudiants peuvent participer aux activité de la Maison de France à Balboa Park:

Join Prof. Shirley Saad on the first two Sundays of every month to practice your French, play games, taste French food and interact with other students.
The House of France will be open on the first two Sundays of Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. from 12-4. Students are asked to introduce themselves to Mme Saad or the adult in charge, and stay a minimum of 1 hour. Students have to speak French, participate in a game of Bingo, Scrabble or "Suis-je une banane?" and interact with students from different classes and levels.

There is no sign-in sheet, but Mme Saad takes group pictures for proof of participation.

For more details join us on Facebook: French cottage
House of Pacific Relations, International Cottages, Balboa Park. 2125 Park Blvd, San Diego 92101. Tel.: (619) 234 0739

Pages d'information liées à la pratique du français :

Updated 9/20/16.