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Department of

Languages and Literatures

Alex Villalobos

Lecturer, Spanish

Alex Villalobos joined our faculty in 1998 and over the past 10 years, he has taught all elementary and intermediate language courses. Recently he enjoyed teaching advanced conversation, which offers non-native speakers an opportunity to put their years of book studies to practical use.

He also teaches full time in the Invention & Design Educational Academy at Crawford High School, where his teaching assignment includes Advanced Placement Spanish Language. As a Director of Student Activities, he is responsible for the organization of student dances, school festivals, and support for all school-wide clubs. He serves on the Area G Council for the California Directors of Activities promoting Student Activities in Middle and High School in California.


M.A., Middlebury College, Spanish Literature
B.A., University of San Diego, Spanish
    (Both degrees included studies in Mexico and in Spain.)

Teaching Interests

Professor Villalobos is well traveled in the Spanish speaking world, having participated in educational programs while living in Mexico and Spain for extended periods of time. His annual travels to Spanish-speaking countries enable him to continually develop his knowledge of foreign cultures. He incorporates these experiences in the classroom. Professor Villalobos believes that educating students is not just about teaching the language, but also fostering greater respect and understanding of global issues.