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Department of

Languages, Cultures and Literatures

Richard Stroik, PhD

Associate Professor, French

Richard Stroik, PhD, came to the University of San Diego in 1991. He previously served as chair of the department and as coordinator of the Intensive Language (Dartmouth) Model for first-year language instruction and as a member of the executive committee of the Academic Assembly. He has been active in study abroad during his entire career, serving as chair of the Study Abroad committee and creating a summer program in France. His research interests are in 20th century French poetry and Camus. Stroik is a product of Catholic elementary and secondary education.


Ph.D., New York University, French
M. A., New York University (Paris), French
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, French


Scholarly and Creative Work

Stroik’s dissertation is entitled The Performance of Being in the Poetry of Saint-John Perse. He has done numerous presentations that focus on Perse’s attempt to write the “thing-in-itself” in poems like Anabase and Acers. In addition he has an article, “Scandales de la poésie”, on Arthur Rimbaud’s work. His current project, “Albert Camus, poète”, examines the lyric quality of Camus’ prose. For fun, he is writing a novel based on his Kashubian Polish family in rural central Wisconsin that brings to life the paradoxes between centuries-old European traditions that have been transported and preserved by an isolated immigrant group and a rapidly modernizing America in the 1950s.

Teaching Interests

Stroik has taught all levels of French language and literature. He is especially known for his lively and creative language classes and he was nominated for the Davies Award in Faculty Achievement. At the upper-division level, he teaches primarily Introduction to French Literature, French Prose and French Poetry classes. He has offered special topics courses on Francophone literature as well as on Sartre and Camus. In the freshman preceptorial program, he has given courses on French literature in translation.