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Department of

Languages, Cultures and Literatures

Randa Jad-Moussa

Director and Adj. Instructor of Arabic
Advisor, Arabic Culture Awareness Club

Randa Jad-Moussa is a lecturer of Arabic at the University of San Diego and the University of California, San Diego. Professor Moussa’s career in second language education spans over 20 years and across K-12, college, professional and university settings in both ESL and Arabic. In her classroom she has employed an integrated approach to teaching communicative Arabic and culture based on the National Standards and ACTFL proficiency guidelines in the four skills using available technologies and authentic material. She is a certified ACTFL/ILR Oral Proficiency Interview tester in Modern Standard Arabic and Lebanese as well as Egyptian Arabic; and the School Site Coordinator for “Everyone A Reader” Reading Tutor Program for grades 1-3.


M.ED., McGill University (Montreal, Canada), Educational Psychology (with focus on
    cognitive psychology) and Educational Technology
Graduate diploma, University of Beirut, Teaching English as a Second Language
B.A., Lebanese University, English Language and Literature

Scholarly and Creative Work

Professor Moussa is thoroughly interested in Task Based Learning and Project Based proficiency guided learning enhanced and facilitated by modern technologies. She has presented on educational technology implementation and the role of culture in the language classroom at California Language Teacher Associations (CLTA) annual conferences in 2008 and 2009. She also presented on the topic of task-based functional learning and Assessment using Rubrics and a variety of educational technology tools at the Arabic National Convention in Chicago (2008) and at Microsoft in Seattle (2008) on how Microsoft applications helps language teachers teach more effectively. Professor Moussa researched and published on hypermedia design protocols manifested by expert versus novice web site designers. She continues to research and to develop her skills in technology and especially educational technology tools that would improve teaching practices and learning outcomes.

She is the advisor for USD student organizations: a Special Interest Group- Students for Justice of Palestine and the Arab Culture Awareness Club and continues to support students in creating cross cultural understanding and community involvement.

Professor Moussa has served as the secretary of the Board for the Arabic After School Program where she collaborates with colleagues at SDSU on designing standard based curricula for the program.

Teaching Interests

In all of her courses, Professor Moussa believes that effective teachers understand how to tap into the strengths of their students to motivate them and facilitate the integration of the newly learned foreign language in their daily life. She considers modern technology an important tool an effective teacher can use in the classroom to attend to students’ different learning styles, to create a dynamic student centered learning environment, and to increase student motivation and engagement. She relies on multimedia to introduce learning material and evaluate learning outcomes. She depends on a language Blog, and on Web CT for her learning management system where students can chat with their peers, see videos of their own classroom presentations, drop an audio assignment, use discussion boards, send email, find copies of handouts and power point presentations and assignments, use web links to access authentic language learning material and samples of communicative language functions. She has recently integrated Twitter in her and her students’ learning and communication activities to expand the student exposure and use of Arabic beyond the classroom and across days of the week.

She believes that her engaging, cultural-technological approach to teaching Arabic enables students to acquire language skills in a manner that keeps them engaged, motivated, and confident in their abilities to learn any language no matter how challenging.