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Interdisciplinary Humanities Students may find the following resources useful in their studies:

Interdisciplinary Minors at USD

The University of San Diego offers a broad range of Interdisciplinary Humanities minors. All but one are house in the College of Arts and Sciences, our minor in Peace Studies being the one exception. That minor is coordinated with the Joan B. Kroc School for Peace and Justice.

Our minors include:

Undergraduate Research


Emanuel Filipe Da Cruz Ellner, "Port Wine in Portugal’s Douro," nonfiction
Mikala Narlock, "Kollwitz: The Intermediary Artist," nonfiction
Justin Fabian, "An Unfinished Story: How did Mark Intend to Conclude His Gospel?" nonfiction
Abigail Freeman, "The ‘Embodyment’ of Design among the Indigenous People of Panama," nonfiction
Rockne Krebs, "Regaining a Democratic Voice: The Cochabamba Water War of 2000," nonfiction
Hector Martinez, "Film Score and Emotion: The Work of John Powell," nonfiction
Rachel Meyers, "Goldfish," fiction/film
Edward Parrish, "The State of Mind," fiction


Nazin Sedehi, "St. Stephen's Cathedra: Vienna's (Secular) Icon," nonfiction
Graylin Clavell, "Faith and Fatherhood: Being the Difference for Your Children in a Religiously Inept Society," nonfiction
Niko Pascua, "Buddy and the Buddha," fiction
Luke Smith, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: Robert Graves and The White Goddess," nonfiction
Michele Miller, "Awakening the Kundalini Energy," nonfiction


Allyson Andrade, "A Railway in Time," fiction
Kailani Andrade, "The Single Struggle," photography
Brynner Batista, "Juscelino Kubitschek’s Operation Pan America," nonfiction
Kelsey Brennan, "The Wife of Bath and Margery Kempe: Women Who Challenge the Norm," nonfiction
Kacie Alexandra Forker, "Advocating for Humanity: A Redefinition of the World’s Most Heinous Crimes and Finding a Moral Link Proving the Preservation of Human Dignity," nonfiction
Erynne Grecco, "Sensibility in Mozart’s Music," nonfiction
Gwenllian Kern-Allely, "The Innovative Empress: Elisabeth of Austria and her Radical Reforms," nonfiction
Caroline Kershner, "The Impact of Vienna on Freud’s Opinions of Society," nonfiction
Karen Angelia Boetsch Kohlberg, "Auschwitz: Zen and Reconciliation," nonfiction
Maya Mancuso, "Americanization: The Italian Case," nonfiction
Nicole Lancaster, "History of Body Image in American Women," nonfiction
C.C. O’Connor, "The Sleeping Giant is Awake: China," nonfiction
Morgan Schwanke, "Is Innovation Dead?" nonfiction
Elisabeth Yeruuldelger, "Teaching Shakespeare, Teaching Peace: Montague v. Capulet, Reacting and Role-Acting to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for Elementary-aged Students," nonfiction
Jake Zawlacki, "Papa," fiction


Anna von Bertrab, "Velazquez’s Las Hilanderas: A Baroque Puzzle," nonfiction
Annie Carter, "Society’s Moral Obligation to Protect those with Disabilities," nonfiction
Alyssa Eisenberg, "Masculinity Under Stress: An Intermeshing of Subject and Culture between Film Noir Protagonists and World War II Veterans," nonfiction
Erin Nash, "A Brief Exploration into Santeria," nonfiction
Kyle Martinez, "American Individuality within the Context of Rock and Roll Music," nonfiction
Madeline Vann, "Stigmatization of Divorce," nonfiction
Megan Walter, "A Step Into the Light," nonfiction
Peytra Osetinsky, "John Lurçat and Modern Tapestry," nonfiction