Technology and Humanities

Investigating the human dimension of new technologies

The intersection between technology and the humanities is rich and fertile territory, and the
Humanities Center fosters work in this area in a connected range of ways. The value of new
technology for humanities research is the focus of those working in  both digital pedagogy
and digital humanities, with faculty and students utilizing our purpose-built Digital Humanities
Studio to pursue vibrant and cutting-edge projects. While technology can in this manner
illuminate the traditional work of the humanities, new technologies in turn pose a set of unique
and challenging problems that can be illuminatingly probed by the humanities and allied
disciplines. The Humanities Center’s work in critical technology studies and in the exploration
of artificial intelligence investigate these matters of urgent and contemporary concern.

Learn more about Critical Technology Studies and Artificial Intelligence Initiatives at the USD College of Arts and Sciences.

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Our Values

Technology and Humanities is a lively intellectual field with a growing body of theory, debates, and an emerging set of values including

  • Openness and accessibility
  • Democratization of knowledge
  • Interdisciplinarity and collaboration
  • Equity, diversity, and equality
  • Proper credit for all project contributors
  • Sustainability and extensibility of projects
  • Experimentation
  • Reflection
  • Facilitation of humanistic interventions in the public square

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